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Under construction
The Economic Engine
1. Any action is rated automatically.
2. In addition, any action can be rated by members manually.
3. The Sum of all ratings is a Productivity Index (PI).
4. PI gives to the members ownership of the relevant part of the Civilization.
5. PI provides automatic repayment of Credits to members weekly.

Productivity Index (PI)
The index of productivity (PI) gives weekly income and property rights

Offence Index (OI)
The Offence index reflects members criminal behavior

Credits (Cr)
Credits are used as an internal tokens, used to pay for work done
bullet trains


Civilization is a philosophical, social, political and rational ideology, movement, productive and moneyless system that encourages people to create value instead of making money, allowing to eliminate a whole line of mediators and meaningless or even harmful activities. The system's ultimate goal is a socioeconomic order structured upon individual freedom of speech, freedom of thought, integrity, solidarity, education and pursuit of happiness.
Both private or collective ownership of the means of production is allowed, excluding ownership of mineral resources or basic technologies.


Reality check

Civilization is a new type of economic system that focuses on creating wealth for its members.
The goal of Civilization is to make our members rich by incorporating the latest sharing technologies and artificial intelligence.

Renewable energy

We support

A democratic process where we vote for ideas, not people.
Renewable energy infrastructure.
Automation of jobs.
Universal availability of rewarding work.
An innovation incentive system to replace the monetary system.
Smart contracts instead of money.
A steady-state economy, rather than one geared toward perpetual growth and endless consumption.
Education geared toward social relationships, happiness and self-actualization.
Strategic access instead of ownership (use of a product such as a car when you need it, while enabling others to use it when you do not).
Away from conspicuous consumption to collaborative consumption.

Communism vs Capitalism

Neither Socialism nor Capitalism

Civilization means Collaboratism. Collaboratism and cooperation is the third way, based on social capital principles of collaboration, sharing, distributed peer to peer networks, another way of doing things that is neither state socialism nor market capitalism.

Rewarding people to be good

We live in a system that spends most of its energy punishing citizens rather than rewarding them.

Moneyless society

The monetary system allows the opportunists to hide or hinder from reflecting our fair contributions to the society.

Equality is unfair

Civilization is a system that properly compensates people who work to make a positive difference to themselves, their communities, and the world.

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