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2018-03-10 20:13:56

What's done. 

1. Registration does not require any personal data. Already implemented.
2, Significantly improved navigation.
3. The implementation of the economic model has begun (new). From now on, every positive action is appreciated and rated.  
Valuation scale:
3.1  Each action is rated 0.1 points.
3.2  The green button (yes) adds 1 point to your score.
3.3  The red button (no) subtracts 1 point from your score.
3.4  The black button (stop) subtracts 10 points from your score.

What's working?

Members can insert, post, offer, upload, create:
1. Useful free links.
2. Business or personal ads.
3. Ideas.
4. Pictures.
5. Can ask questions and discuss at the Forum.
6. Earn Credits by accomplishing tasks.
7. Offer a paid jobs.
8, Memos
9. Channels  (not implemented yet)

How to

Register. Go to:
1. Action->Register
2. Register.
3. Registration anonymous. Use the specified civilization@count.me fake email when signing up. 
4. Login.
5. Click on "Civilization" banner.
6. Bingo ! You are in.

Insert a picture. Go to:
1. Social->Pics->Insert pic
2. Folow the instructions.

Earn Credits. Go to:
1. Jobs.
2. Click on "Join" button. 
2. Folow the instructions.